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STEMLACTIC Week 10th – 17th Dec 2018

The spellbinding gala which combines science, technology and language from various subjects and forms allowed Munsangnites to interact and showcase their exquisite talents and creativity to all. Apart from STEM education, students were also able to nourish their speaking and presentation skills as EASE members were MCs of all events while other presenters and participants interacted zealously. Let’s take a look at the fascinating activities!

English X Visual Arts X Library – Moon Landing Golden Anniversary on 10th Dec 2018

ICT – “Portable Clothes Dryer for Subdivided Flats” Presentation on 11th Dec 2018

Science Gold Recovery Project Presentation and Experimentation on 12th Dec 2018

Smart Planting System

A Smart Planting System was developed by all F.1students in their ICT lessons. The system detects the soil moisture and waters the plants automatically. We are pleased to see all the flower pots well-equipped with electronic components and the plants grown by the students outside the ICT room. To share those innovative ideas with all of you, a video on the Smart Planting System has been produced and you are invited to enjoy it at

Automation Aquaponics Monitoring System

In order to arouse students’ interest in the application of STEM in their daily life, CARE has organised the Automation Aquaponics Monitoring System Project for Science Society Members. Students had to make use of the Arduino system to monitor the water level as well as the water condition of the Aquaponics system, and performed actions such as re-filling water to the fish tank and displaying some signals about the current water condition. The project will continue in the coming school year, with more sensors and control devices included to improve the monitoring system.

F.2 Integrated Science STEM hydroponics Project

To give students a comprehensive learning experience in STEM education, a hydroponics project was introduced to our F.2 students from October to December 2018. Students were provided with engaging and hands-on activities. They applied what they learned in the Science curriculum such as seed germination, relationship between photosynthesis and nutrient solution, relationship between light spectrum (or pH) and plant growth, and collected and interpreted data in the seven-hour programme. The project has sharpened their investigative skills and created a space for them to reflect on their learning. Students were allowed to continue their project in the second term and the pros and cons of hydroponic farming were discovered from their own investigations.

Model Bridge Building Project

In order to arouse students’ interest in STEM and to provide chances for them to apply the knowledge they have learnt in lessons, CARE has organised the Model Bridge Building Project for Science Society Members. Students had to use wooden sticks, wires and concrete to design and build an on-scale model bridge. They have received step-by-step guidance from alumni to acquire the skills on designing a bridge and the techniques on using mechanical tools to build their model. The project will be completed by July 2019 and all model bridges will receive a loading test at the end.

STEM Game Day for Munsang College Kindergarten

With the joint effort of all our F.1 and F.2 students, the STEM Game Day for Munsang College Kindergarten was successfully held on 19th June. The event consists of over 25 game booths created by students from the two forms. They made use of the STEM skills and creativity to organize an interesting and fun fair for our kindergarten kids.

RTHK Interview on STEM

Mr WONG Cheuk-hang and our students were interviewed by RTHK in a live broadcast programme to share their experience in STEM learning and teaching.

The interview can be viewed at


LAC x STEM Week 16th – 20th April 2018

This mind-blowing gala which combines science, technology and creativity from various subjects and forms has definitely broadened my horizons. Take Mathematics Day as an example, Maths enthusiasts interacted with other Munsangnites through original origami artwork and thrilling kinetic models. Students were deeply magnetized by the magic and theory where numbers can be turned into practical games and designs. The weeklong campaign was a massive success as we have all become competent, confident and creative self-directed learners who are capable of applying our knowledge across different platforms.

F. 3B Anson He Chun Lok

Mathematics – Students and Teachers Engaging in Mathematics

Physics x Visual Arts – F.3 Recycled Material Innovative Lighting Design Exhibition and Students Presentation

Science – Aquaponics Arduino Monitoring Project

Science – Autonomous Obstacle Mapping Robot System

Technology – Robotics Challenge & Smart Home Project

STEM Discovery Tour to Guangzhou

During 26th to 27th March, 2018, thirty-eight F.1 to F.5 students studying ICT and Physics have joined the STEM Discovery Tour to Guangzhou jointly organised by ICT Department, Physics Department and CCA of Munsang College. All participants have raised their horizon on technology development in Mainland China.

STEM Visit to HK Science Park

On 27th April 2018, sixteen F.4 members of Science Society and IT Team have joined the STEM Visit to HK Science Park jointly organized by Munsang College and Munsang College (Hong Kong Island). All participants actively engaged in the interactive activities.