Social Service Award Scheme 2018/19


What is SSAS?

SSAS is the abbreviation for “Social Service Award Scheme”. It aims to:
encourage students to behave accordance with the school motto “All for One and One for All”, serve the community and be responsible citizens
motivate students to meet people of different classes and backgrounds so that they can learn how to be considerate, show respect and care about others
stimulate students to make good use of leisure time, widen their horizons, build up self-confidence and develop the sense of responsibility for the success in their future endeavor


What is considered social service, and how are my social service hours counted?

Any voluntary work in nature without pay, and with target groups of non-Munsang College students and their respective parents can be counted towards the scheme.
The counted time includes the time spent on planning, providing service and evaluation.
In one single social activity, only a maximum of 7.5 hours will be counted even though the duration of which exceeds 7.5 hours.
Maximum service time for the following activities:
(i) Blood Donation: 1 hour each; (ii) Flag Selling: 3 hours each;
(iii) Fundraising activities: 3 hours each; (iv) F.5 Service Day: 11 hours in total.


What are the awards available in this scheme?

The top 3 students of the year are eligible to be nominated for the 1977 Alumni Scholarship for Outstanding Dedication in Community Service.
Award standard of the scheme:
  Prize Accumulated service hours
Iron Certificate 10
Bronze Certificate & Badge 30
Silver Certificate & Badge 60
Gold Certificate & Badge 100


How should I submit my social service record for SSAS?

Make sure you submit the records as soon as you completed the social service
Get onto and login with School Computer ID and Password
Click “Social Service” and add record by inputting the information as required
Upload supporting documents (e.g. certificate or photos)
Deadline for inputting records: 4 January 2019 (Term 1) and 15 May 2019 (Term 2)


What should I do if I still have other questions?

Read page 73 – 74 of the Student and Parent Handbook or for details
Contact the teachers-in-charge of SSAS: Mr. LEUNG Yau-cheung, Ms. CHU Lok-yin & Mr. TSOI Ka-wing

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Gold Awardees of 2017/18



- F.5D CHEUNG Tsz-ching

This year, I am honoured to be the chairperson of Interact Club. I received so many opportunities to organise and participate in different social services. The target group of these services is mainly children from lower income families.

Through different services, we can provide a platform for the children to meet new friends and have fun. They really enjoy playing and interacting with us as they seldom get such opportunities. We delivered different messages to them through different games and role-play, which helped them in developing positive attitude. We could also learnt more about the difficulties they face in their daily lives. By having deeper understanding on different children, we can provide better services which suit their needs.

After joining different services, I became a more caring person. I learned to pay attention to children's small and subtle actions, and try to respond to their needs immediately. My leadership and communication skills have been developed through organising different activities. I think we should be more active in participating in different social services as many people really need our care in the Hong Kong’s society. You will find it really worthwhile. On one hand you are helping the people in need and on the other hand you are also gaining sense of satisfaction and precious memories from these experiences.
Playing games with children at a service centre
Joint-school social service activity with St. Mary’s Canossian College to understand more about the difficulties face by Kowloon residents
Playing games with children who are ethnic minorities


- F.5A SIU Yuet-ka

Through organising and attending various social services, I have gained and learnt a lot.

Firstly, I have polished my communication skills through joining social services targeting different age groups, such as children and elderly. For example, more vibrant and colourful words should be used when communicating with children as they are more active and easier to lose their focus. Also, more hand and body gestures are required to gain their attention.

On top of that, I have learnt to look at things from different angles and see the bigger picture. Participating in social services and organising one are completely different. The former one is simply a one-off participation, but organising an event requires more time and effort than I expected. When organising an activity, the nature and the aim of the activity should be considered first, then we should take the participants into account as well. If the activity does not suit the participants well, the whole event would be a lot more meaningless.

Some may say that attending social services is just a waste of time, given that services do not pay. But it is important to remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive. After seeing the genuine smiles on the children and elderlies’ faces, all the time and effort would certainly be worth it, and this is one of my biggest motivations to organise and participate in more social services.
Serving ASD children in Guizhou
Cleaning the rocky shore in Tap Mun
The joy of participating in social services with friends


- F.5A WONG Wing-yee

Social service is when people serve the community by helping the members of the community without being paid for it. Being one of the members of the Community Youth Club for 3 years, I am always motivated to participate in different social services. Through my participation of social services, I have got to know that loving, caring and respect are very important. We should always respect others no matter who they are and provide love and care to them when they need.

I also became more comfortable to start a conversation with people. We have all heard the quote – the more we give, the more we will receive – and it is certainly true. I have broadened my horizons through visiting and chatting with different people in the society. Everyone has their own story. It is important for me to respect, appreciate and learn from their stories.

One of my favourite memories is serving the autistic children during the Guizhou Leadership Training Tour. During the service, we had to design and play games with the autistic children. Not only have I learnt to be patient with the children, but I have also learnt to be grateful that I have the chance to know more about autism. These social services I joined have taught me a lot of valuable lessons which I cannot learn from the books.
Serving autistic children in Guizhou
Experiencing the daily lives of disables in Whampoa
Participating in 西協義診日, organised by 九龍西區各界協會 in Hung Hom Community Hall