School Procurement Procedures

Disclaimer: School Procurement Procedures

At Munsang College, we prioritize transparency and adherence to established procedures when it comes to purchasing items for our school. Procurement Guidelines EDBC 4/2013 provided by the Education Bureau (EDB) are strictly followed.

When procuring any items, we employ a proper quotation and tendering process, which is conducted exclusively through our official school email addresses ending with / and phone number 3655 3300. Our staff members would not use their private numbers for procurement purposes.

We strongly recommend all members of our school community, including students, parents, and suppliers, to remain vigilant and be aware of any suspicious or unauthorized procurement activities. If you come across any irregularities or suspect any wrongdoing, we encourage you to bring it to the attention of the appropriate school authorities or the Police immediately.

Please note that this disclaimer is subject to change in accordance with any updates or revisions made to the procurement guidelines set forth by the Education Bureau (EDB).

Munsang College


民生書院將透明度和遵循既定程序視為採購學校物品的首要考量。我們嚴格遵循教育局(EDB)提供的採購指引《教育局通告第 4/2013 號》。

在學校採購過程中,我們採用合宜的報價和招標程序,僅透過學校官方電子郵件網域 /和電話號碼3655 3300進行聯繫。我們的員工不會使用私人電話號碼進行採購。