Project Voice Collage(PVC)

To celebrate Munsang College’s 90th Anniversary, we are going to launch Project Voice Collage (PVC).

PVC seeks to put together the faces and voices of Munsangnites and alumni from around the world. The participants are invited to video themselves chanting the School Song (around 2 minutes), and then send us the clip.

We are honored to have invited Mr. Tse Cheuk-hei (Class 2014) to rearrange the clips and merge them into a summative totality. The product is going to be an ensemble that breaks down barriers and transcends generations: One World One Munsang.

The product will be premiered on 90th Anniversary Dinner and then uploaded online.

How can I join the project?

Step 1 Click to play the below video
Step 2 Follow the instruction of the video and Record
Step 3 Upload your video below or mail to “No. 8, Dumbarton Road, Kowloon City”.

Upload your video by
1 Pressing the "Browse" button or
2 Dragging the video into the box directly

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