• Yearning for Space
Echoing these 2 Major Concerns, the School has launched a new programme named “Diverse Talents Mentorship Scheme” since the beginning of the school year. It aims to support students with diverse talents to excel in their areas of interest and to further nurture their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.

To provide space to match these expectations of ours on students’ development, Munsang College is prepared to “think big” and reflect on how learning and teaching facilities should be strategically reviewed to address the needs of the IT generations.
  • Action in Place
Established with $20,000 donation from Mr. Au Chak-man and Mr. Mok Kon-sang as the start-up fund in 1926, Munsang College has always been blazing trails not only with new ideas and a spirit of adventure, but also with heated debates. After a series of meetings among councillors of different years of graduation and a number of forums among stakeholders of various disciplines, we finally arrived at the consensus of demolishing and redeveloping Block E, which used to accomodate the special rooms of the secondary section. Also actions have been taken to secure the entitlement of a government-funded assembly hall for the aided secondary section.
  • Financial Hurdle to Face
Now the construction of a “new” Block E is in progress and the papers of the assembly hall are on their way to the Legislative Council. We must raise a total of HK$200,000,000 for the 2 campus development projects. To raise such a huge amount is never easy. Being a renowned college with a history of 92 years, we dare to “think big”. In our Lord’s provision, we are never short of faith. With your generous financial contributions, we are going to reciprocate your goodwill by doing our utmost to scale new heights. There are still staircases, classrooms and special rooms to be named and over a thousand bricks in the “Wall of Grace” to be inscribed.

Here I would urge you to make “bold” donation to a college which is your alma mater, or will become the alma mater of your children, or is carrying special meaning for you, so that she will continue to grow from strength to strength and accelerate her pace to embrace the challenges ahead with the younger generations of dynamic individuals.
Kuby Chan