Greetings! I am so delighted and honoured to be the 9th Principal and to share my mission of education with you.
Education is all about “Light and Life”, the motto of our Munsang College. My passion for relaying the torch across different generations of Munsangnites is thus set aflame.
I shall express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Kuby Chan, the 8th Principal of Munsang College. Principal Chan’s leadership and principalship have laid another imperative and remarkable cornerstone for the College. Munsang College has been nurturing students with the commitment to all-round education, including the pursuit of academic excellence, immersion in diverse learning experiences and activities, as well as devotion to serving others. We also believe that Christian faith is of ultimate value and the orientation of truth, bringing hope and love to the world. Regardless of the speedy evolution of technology and artificial intelligence, integrity and character building are absolutely indispensable among all generations. Quality education could never be achieved without a wholehearted quest for knowledge, truth and admirable temperament. Munsangnites shall be able to set examples for the society in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)
Not only is “8 Dumbarton Road” an address, but it also signifies the history, mission, sweat and tears, joy and laughters of our beloved senior Munsangnites. Every corner of our campus tells the stories of students’ development and growth. I look forward to meeting alumni across generations so as to succeed the spirit of “All for One, One for All.”
Munsang College witnesses the advancement of Hong Kong and celebrates the legends of many elite alumni. The school motto inspires us to sail for a promising journey with courage and competency. As stated by our beloved alumnus, Dr. Rayson Huang, “Munsang was already well established as one of Hong Kong’s foremost schools, with a distinctive character of its own. And as Munsang came of age, her alumni grew in numbers and in stature. These were an active and cohesive lot at all times, loyal and supportive to their alma mater.”
Let us join our hands together and uphold the school motto, “Light and Life” and “All for One, One for All.” Education is always about life with passions and memories.
Dr. YIP Chi Sio
B.S.Sc., Dip. Ed. (CUHK); M.Ed., EdD (HKU)
The 9th Principal of Munsang College