Senior Secondary Curriculum

Globalization, the advancement of information technology and the development of knowledge-based economies in a climate of global economic restructuring have brought about unprecedented worldwide changes. To maintain Hong Kong's competitiveness in international arena, Hong Kong citizens need to enhance their adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities. The New Academic Structure (NAS) implemented since September 2009 principally aims to prepare students for such future challenges. Under the NAS, all students will have the opportunity to study up to Secondary 6. Students with different abilities, interests and aptitudes can give full play to their talents through the broad and balanced senior secondary (SS) curriculum.

Curriculum Structure

4 Core Subjects   2 or 3 Elective Subjects   Other Learning Experiences
Chinese Language Link
English Language Link
Citizenship and Social Development Link
Mathematics (M2 is optional) Link
+ 2 or 3 subjects chosen from elective subjects and/or other language courses + Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Aesthetic Development, Physical Development and Career-related Experiences

Outline of 11 Electives in MSC

1. Biology Link  
2. Chemistry Link  
3. Physics Link  
4. Chinese History Link Video
5. History Link Video
6. Geography Link Video
7. Economics Link Video
8. Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Link  
9. Information and Communication Technology Link  
10. Music Link  
11. Visual Arts Link