F.1 Admission

F.1 Discretionary Place Application

2022 - 2023 S1 DP Application Details Link
2022 - 2023 S1 DP Application Form Link
Application Period: 3rd January, 2022 (Monday) to 17th January, 2022 (Monday)
Office Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
  Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Please submit the application form to the General Office in person or by post, from 3rd January 2022 to 17th January 2022 (both dates inclusive) during office hours, together with the following documents:
1. Primary 4 to 6 School Reports* (Photocopy)
2. Primary 4 to 6 records of extra-curricular activities, services and prizes (Photocopy)
3. Hong Kong Identity Card / Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
4. The School’s Copy, the EDB’s Copy and the Parent’s Copy of the ‘Application Form for S1 Discretionary Places’ (Original copy issued by EDB, with all three parts intact). Fill in the name of the secondary school to apply in the spaces provided in all parts of the Application Form as “Munsang College”.
5. Duly completed Application Form issued by school (Application Form can be downloaded from
6. One recent passport-sized photograph
7. Two self-addressed stamped envelope. (Two self-addressed stamped envelopes of a size not larger than 165 mm x 245 mm if the application is made by post).
* Copies of P6 exam results should reach the school on or before 17th January, 2022 by hand or by post if they are not ready on the day of submission. Please write the applicant’s name and student reference number on the top right-hand corner of the documents.
If application is made by post, please enclose the above documents inside an A4-size envelope and state “Application Form for S1 Discretionary Places” on it. Please ensure postage is fully paid and reserve the necessary time for mailing. The postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the date of application. Parents are advised to send the application by registered mail to minimize the risk of unsuccessful delivery. Please keep the stamped Parent’s Copy of the Application Form for S1 Discretionary Places.
Note: Please ensure that all photocopies are in A4 size. The documents submitted will not be returned. The information collected will be used for the purpose of processing S1 Discretionary Places applications only.
According to EDB guideline, there is no need for the applicant to provide recommendation letter of the primary school.
Applicants will be selected based on their academic performance, conduct, extra-curricular activities, services, talents and skills. Applicants should have obtained Grade B or above in Conduct in Primary 5 and Primary 6.
Because of the Feeder relationship between MSC and MSCPS, we have adequate information of MSCPS P6 students’ conduct and also their performance in academic and non-academic areas. MSCPS P6 students will not be invited to attend an interview and on top, students with talents in different areas will NOT be disadvantaged under this arrangement, i.e. for MSCPS P6 students, the weighting of the other areas will be scaled up (in accordance to the weighting of the remaining parameters) to
Internal Assessment in P.5 and P.6 15%
Position in the “DP Rank Order List” 62%
Extra-curricular Activities 23%
In general, successful applicants of non-MSCPS would have
outstanding performance in the interview, and
comparable DP Rank Order as for those from MSCPS.
Eligible applicants will be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview on the morning of 19th March, 2022 (Saturday). An invitation letter of the interview, including the detailed arrangements, will be sent out on 9th March, 2022.
If the interview is cancelled due to the latest situation of COVID-19 pandemic, all the applicants (including selected non-MSCPS applicants for interview) will be assessed according to the criteria listed above.
Release of Results
The school will notify parents of successful applicants of their children’s inclusion in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places by letter and phone by 31st March, 2022 (Thursday).
Parents need not make any enquiries before the announcement of the results.
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