Useful Links

Opportunities and Risks – Is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas?
1. This Dynamic Earth: The story of plate tectonics Link
2. USGS Earthquake Hazards Programme Link
3. Tsunamis & Earthquakes at the USGS Link
4. USGS Volcano Hazards Programme Link
Managing River and Coastal Environments: A continuing challenge
5. China Three Gorges Project Link
6. Internet Geography – Geo-topics: Coast Link
7. Virtual River Link
Changing Industrial Location – How and why does it change over space and time?
8. Internet Valley Link
9. Cyberport Link
10. Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Link
Building a Sustainable City – Are environmental conservation and urban development mutually exclusive?
11. Urban Renewal Authority Link
12. Environmental Protection Department Link
13. Sustainable Development Link
14. Planning Department Link
15. Urbanisation in China Link
Combating Famine – Is technology a panacea for food shortages?
16. Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Link
17. Famine Early Warning System Network Link
18. California Farm Water Conservation Link
19. Food and Environmental Hygiene Department: GM Food Link
20. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Link
21. Oxfam Cyber School Link
Disappearing Green Canopy – Who should pay for the massive deforestation in rainforest regions?
22. World Rainforest Information Portal Link
23. Tropical Rainforest Link
24. Mongabay Link
Global Warming – Is it fact or fiction?
25. EPA Global Warming Site Link
26. WWF—Climate change campaign Link
27. Hong Kong Observatory Climate Change Link
28. WWF—Our climate is changing Link
Dynamic Earth: The building of Hong Kong
29. Hong Kong Slope Safety Link
30. Geotechnical Engineering Office Link
31. Ma Shi Chau Special Area Link
32. Large landslides in Hong Kong Link
33. Geology Link
Weather and Climate
34. Hong Kong Observatory Educational Resources Link
35. Weather Underground of Hong Kong Link
36. WW2010 Link
37. China Meteorological Administration Link
38. Discovery News Link
39. GCSE Bitesize Geography Link
40. S-cool Geography Revision Link